township Notices

   Everett Township

   Everett Township was formed in 1856 by taking the west half of Big Prairie Township, making a total of seven Townships in Newaygo County.

   There was quite a lot of disagreement in choosing it's name.  The name on the petition presented to the Board was Douglass, but that name was defeated.  Everett Utley also was suggested but defeated.  A compromise was reached, with Everett being selected.  It's first three inspectors were Alden Angevine, Everett Douglass and Empraim Utley.  The first election was held at the schoolhouse in Big Rapids, presided over by the first three inspectors.

   By 1860, Everett Township had taken over most of Brooks Township leaving Brooks Township only a small area between Croton and Fremont Townships.

   Fire Protection for Everett Township is served by the White Cloud Area Fire Board, which includes the Townships of Everett, Lincoln, Wilcox, Sherman and the City of White Cloud.

Everett Township Mission Statement

   It is the mission of Everett Township to serve it's citizens and visitors with courtesy, integrity and compassion.  To provide quality services that help to maintain and improve the overall manner in which our citizens live, work and play.  Also, to encourage ethical practices of elected officials who uphold the traditions and characteristics of Township government.

New Township Notices Below

1516 E. 8th. st. White Cloud, Mi 49349

Township Clean-up Day is Saturday, May 16, 2020,  9:00 am - 4:00 pm or until the dumpster's are full.  For township residents only.  Please plan on unloading your own trash, as worker's on hand that day will be limited.  NO PESTICIDES, PAINTS, APPLIANCES WITH FREON, TIRES OR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.  Previously, we've also held a Clean-up Day in October - due to Covid19, that will be decided at a later date.  Thank you for your cooperation, and please make every effort to keep Everett Township beautiful and trash-free.  Judy Maike, Supervisor.