Planning Commission members (from left to right) Martin Thompson, Ralph Zimmerman, Jim Maike, Sandra DeBlake, and Pam Chaffee.

Everett Township Planning Commission‚Äč

The Everett Township Panning Commission is a five member advisory board to the Everett Township Board.  Their primary responsibility is the planning of Everett Township.  The Township Supervisor appoints individuals for membership subject to Board ratification.  Terms of office are staggered so that three terms of office come up for appointment or reappointment every July.  Individuals residing and registered to vote in Everett Township are eligible for appointment - land ownership within the Township is not a requirement.  The Commission elects it's own Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary annually.

In order to effectively plan for the township, the Planning Commission is responsible for drafting and adopting a Master Plan to guide planning in the Township, primarily with regard to development and preservation.  In following the Master Plan, the Planning Commission is also responsible for maintaining the Everett Township Zoning Ordinance by updating and enforcement.  The Planning Commission, in order to enforce the Zoning Ordinance performs site plan reviews for all major developments in the Township.  They are responsible for ensuring that all projects and developments in the Township meet the requirements set forth in the Zoning Ordinance and follow the guidelines expressed in the Master Plan.

Everett Township is a planned community.  The Zoning Ordinance and Master Plan have been amended many times through the years, as the needs and desires of the Community change.